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I enjoy food. I just do. That is a big reason behind why I do what I do and my passion behind family nutrition. I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with several others who share my passion, and like me, have stepped away from common "corporate America" type career paths to pursue their love for all things yummy. By nature, I love those people. And likewise, I typically love their wares. Call us crazy, but a happy tummy makes for happy entrepreneurs.

Miss Lisa Rast is just one of those people I love by association. With a professional background in engineering and passion for life in the kitchen (and some figure skating here and there), Lisa took that flying leap of faith into small business life and started Arizona based, Nutwhats. A funny name for a seriously awesome product...and the story behind it is pretty cool too.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Lisa....

Tell us about your business...
"At Nutwhats our ‘free form’ unadulterated buttery nuggets are hand-crafted using only top-notch measures. Without skimping — fresh, premium ingredients and not a bit of preservatives are the rule. Flavors are magnificently unexpected. Appearance is delightfully quirky. And the taste? Unmistakable."
What did you do in your past life...before you launched your business?
"I have a background in engineering but a childhood love of figure skating and cooking brought me back to the ice to teach competitive ice skating and into the kitchen to play around with recipes."
What made you decide to take the leap into being a business owner?
"Being able to build a business that will hopefully live on generation after generation".
What has been your greatest professional success to date?
"Being featured in Oprah's blog on"
How about the biggest "lesson learned"?
"There is no easy road. My hours are pretty much 24/7 and owning a food type business is far from being glamorous as one might think watching the foodnetwork."
What is next on the horizon for your business?
"I am currently working on getting Nutwhats on to shelves of gourmet retailers.....Ajs, Wholefoods, and small gourmet shops."
Where can we find you when you are not being Super Business Owner Woman??
"Watching my kiddos playing tennis"
If we were to run into you at a cocktail party, what would be your "party trick"?
"Being asleep in a chair still holding my wine glass with out spilling a drop. A definite sign that I work too much! LOL"
When someone asks you to tell a joke, what is your "go-to" one-liner?
"Hmmm.....I've never been good at telling jokes but I can do a few impressions".
 If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 18 year-old self?
"Enjoy life!"
Inspired? Want to learn more about Nutwhats? Check out their website at:

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