Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today I Ate A Rainbow

I have to say that I am absolutely in LOVE with today's "Stuff We Love" feature. And I am pretty darn sure that you all will be too!

Obviously one of my core principles with At First Bite is not only getting kiddos to eat healthy, but to try new foods on a regular basis. As parents, it can be very easy for us to get stuck in the same rut when it comes to meal and snack planning and our trips to the grocery store. We buy what we KNOW our kiddos will eat and we don't always take the time to think outside the box and have them try something new. Trust me....I get it. I have been there!

Today I am so excited to share with you all a product that not only promotes healthy eating, but it makes trying new foods FUN! And for those of you that follow me with any regularity, you know that this is KEY to philosophy as well.

Enter, "Today I Ate A Rainbow!" If there is one thing kiddos love, it is bright, colorful activities. And yes, maybe a little healthy competition (no pun intended...) between siblings or family members (hey, sometimes us adults could use a little extra nudge on the nutrition too...). The "Today I Ate A Rainbow" kit, is focused on the philosophy that we should not have to force or trick our little ones into eating fruits and veggies. Instead, why not make it a game? With this kit, you receive a super cute magnetic chart and 4 sets of rainbow tracking magnets. Each time a family member eats a fruit or veggie that day, they place a magnet on the corresponding color for that food.

(Ummm....added bonus alert! For the real little ones, this is an awesome tool for teaching colors as well! Have I mentioned how much I love multi-tasking??)

As the day goes by, the goal is to get one magnet in each color column on the chart. When they reach their goal and have eaten a full rainbow, they receive an achievement magnet to place on the chart and YOU, get to choose a healthy reward for the day....going to the park, taking a "nature walk", playing a game....you get the idea!

Even included in the kit, is a book called "The Rainbow Bunch". Think "Elf on the Shelf" for healthy eating. The book is a great primer for using the chart and gets kids thinking about WHY it is so important to eat their fruits and veggies each day. It gives meaning to the game that they are about to play! In addition to the book, the website, www.todayiatearainbow.com, has TONS of great tips and resources to get the conversation going in your house about healthy eating!

Love, love, love this idea and product!  Kudos to the team at Today I Ate a Rainbow!

Ready to get the rainbow conversation started in your house today?

Visit their website at www.todayiatearainbow.com to learn more and even place an order!

This is definitely one of the things we LOVE!!!

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  1. Aww i am too in love with this wonderful thing.. :) Kia and Hannah Rocks


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